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Anna Maria Rożek is highly educated and dedicated to social work (welfare). A lawyer by profession, Anna Rożek is also a politician. Furthermore, her passion for social welfare work is evident in all that she does. She is a tireless traveler, constantly seeking out the best global solutions to implement in her home country of Poland.

Anna Maria Rozek, lawyer and art advisor, taking a selfie in the Gallery of Young Polish Artists.


About education

Anna Maria Rożek holds a law degree from the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University. Moreover, she has extensive experience working with international organizations, including the European Union and United Nations. Additionally, she completed a program in international business and trade law from the Catholic University of America in Washington DC. Moreover, her extensive academic background in law and international relations has prepared her well for her work as a legal specialist and business consultant. Anna Rożek has spoken as a specialist on Polish diaspora and Africa in global conferences and contributes to several Polish community projects.


/ About services

Anna Maria Rożek serves as a lawyer at the Light for Africa Foundation, working to bring electricity to rural areas and supporting the growth of Polish companies in Sub-Saharan African markets. Furthermore, in addition to her work as a life coach and business consultant, she is also a trainee attorney and plans to open a doctoral dissertation. In 2018, Anna Maria Rożek collaborated with Warsaw NGOs to launch a project that offers free legal and psychological advice for right-bank Warsaw residents.

Act- vities

About activities

Anna Rożek’s activities are diverse and wide-ranging, reflecting her many interests. She’s a member of the Warsaw Council for Public Benefit and became a councilor of the Capital City of Warsaw in 2014. She works tirelessly for the benefit of the city’s inhabitants. Moreover, she fights for mundane things that are essential to every human being, such as the construction of a one-day hospital in Białołęka. Furthermore, she also fights for great things concerning the identity of every Pole, such as the support of Polish culture. Anna Rożek regularly arranges meetings with artists, cultural managers, and patrons to connect the worlds of culture and politics.